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jueves, 5 de mayo de 2022

Pro Consumidor inicia operativos preventivos por Día de las Madres para evitar publicidad engañosa

The executive director of the National Institute for the Protection of Consumer Rights (Pro Consumidor), Eddy Alcántara, said that this entity began inspection operations on Thursday to avoid misleading advertising to the detriment of the economic interests of consumers on the occasion of the celebration of Mother's Day.

Alcántara pointed out that in these operations, the same inspection procedure and good commercial practices carried out last year will be used, both in the shops with the highest flow on that date, and in retail establishments, for the excellent results achieved for the benefit of consumers.

"As a result of the innovative procedures and mechanisms that we have implemented, through the realization of previous inspections and training to suppliers in seasons of high consumption, we ensure that no trade attempts against the pockets of consumers by making use of this illegal practice such as misleading advertising," he said.

The official indicated that through working tables with the commercial sectors that had established a protocol with Pro Consumidor and that on this Mother's Day holiday they will be launched, "guaranteeing all consumers in the country that this practice will be definitively eradicated."

Likewise, Dr. Eddy Alcántara urged consumers who understand that their rights have been scammed or mocked with misleading advertising to "not hesitate to contact or go to the nearest office of Pro Consumidor to file their complaint or claim so that Pro Consumidor proceeds to carry out the investigations of place".

Finally, the head of the entity defending consumer rights recalled that the use of misleading advertising was practically zero in 2021 due to the effectiveness of previous inspection operations on Father's Day, Black Friday or Black Friday, Christmas festivities, Three Kings Day and Valentine's Day. "

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