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jueves, 5 de mayo de 2022

Jóvenes salen a las calles a llevar un mensaje de esperanza

With banners in hand and with the firm decision to bring hope in the midst of a society increasingly sunk in pain and lack of values, taking as a stage the Eugenio María de Hostos Park, in front of the Plaza Juan Barón, dozens of young people took to the streets to share the message of Christ.

"Follow Jesus CCSV", a ministry of young Christians who have decided to take to the streets and create a movement full of love and life through their artistic gifts and their creative skills to, through them, fulfill a mission: to make known the message of Christ to other young people who are plunged into hopelessness, depression, alcohol, drugs and other evils that attack youth throughout the national territory.

-We believe that Christ is the antidote and that is why we take to the streets to inject it to those who need it most at this time: young people and adolescents-, says Jonathan Aracena, main leader of the Christian youth movement.

As a youth movement, the young people involved in "Follow Jesus CCSV" have been determined to disrupt the places where they are allowed to bring salvation, restoration and life of God through the arts, sport and healthy entertainment, imbued with the good news of the Gospel.

Throughout the year, the ministry will be developing a set of face-to-face activities in parks and squares, as well as virtual meetings that allow other young people to join the movement. Those interested in being part of this initiative can follow the ministry's social networks (@followjesusccsv_) or contact the offices of the International Ministry Of Life at 809-508-7788.

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