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jueves, 5 de mayo de 2022

Aprueban iniciativa para construcción de elevado en Santiago

Santiago. - The Chamber of Deputies approved a resolution for the construction of an elevated at the intersection of The Sadhalá Star with Bartolomé Colón in the province of Santiago.

The approved proposal was made by legislator Leonardo Aguilera, who stressed that the vehicle fleet in 2002 in that province was 160,000 vehicles and currently around 412,000 more vehicles.

Similarly, the congressman said that in this time there has also been a considerable increase in the population, which in 2002 was about 622,101 inhabitants and today there are 908,250, only in the head municipality.

Aguilera added that the vehicle park in Santiago is a "total chaos", so he believes that this type of work can contribute to improving traffic in the area.

The youngest deputy of Santiago previously submitted the amendment project to Law 379-81, which was approved in the Social Security Commission of the Chamber of Deputies chaired by Deputy Agustín Burgos.

These modifications would improve the living conditions of retirees and pensioners.

The legislator, who has always been concerned about the problems of his provinces, also led, some time ago, an educational day, where several schools and colleges were benefited with the talk entitled "Family, youth and Politics".

During these conversations, the youngest deputy of the province of Santiago motivated the youth to finish their studies to have a base that would represent an advantage in the labor area for when they are older men and women.

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