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miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2022

Empresario Yasser González represento a RD en Nada Show 2022​

The renowned businessman Yasser González, CEO of the successful car company "CleanerStudio", represented the Dominican Republic, in the new edition of the National Automobile Dealers Association Show (NADA).

Nada Show is an event that takes place every year in the United States, and this time it was hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada, with the presence of manufacturers, suppliers and entrepreneurs from the automotive sector.

During the activity, the latest trend and distribution cars were exhibited, in addition to giving attendees guidelines on how to manage vehicle sales operations to be more successful.

González expressed that he feels extremely happy, for having the privilege of putting the Dominican Republic on high, in international automobile events and fairs.

Remembering his childhood and seeing all the way traveled so far, fills him with satisfaction, seeing all the success he has achieved.

Raised in a family environment of multiple businesses, Yasser, a native of Constanza, says that his love for vehicles was acquired through his father, who was an entrepreneur in several economic branches including the automotive industry.

All the knowledge acquired in this event of "Nada Show 2022" will be used for the well-being and satisfaction of my customers, cited Yasser González, who is the CEO of the number one sales dealer in the country.

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